List of publications


NEWS: 3 September - 3 Papers Accepted for NEURIPS

  1. Livingstone, S., Betancourt, M., Byrne, S., Girolami, M., (2019). On the Geometric Ergodicity of Hamiltonian Monte Carlo. Bernoulli, 25(4A), 3109 – 3138.

  2. Gregory, A., Lau, F. D.-H., Girolami, M., Butler, L. J., and Elshafie, M. Z. E. B. (2019). The synthesis of data from instrumented structures and physics-based models via gaussian processes. Journal of Computational Physics, 392:248–265. Paper

  3. C. J. Oates, J. Cockayne, R. G. Aykroyd, and M. Girolami. (2019) Bayesian probabilistic numerical methods in time-dependent state estimation for industrial hydrocyclone equipment. Journal of the American Statistical Association, pp. 1-27. Paper